Finding the cheapest car leasing deals

When you lease a car, it will mean that you keep up to speed with the recent models, which means you drive a new car every 2-4 years.

We can help you negotiate low-cost car leasing offers so that you’re able to gain a good deal on the next new car you have. There are a great variety of special deals weekly on a selection of models and leasing deals and ensure prices are lower the industry standards. The method of leasing a car is simple, from small city cars to SUV’s, we can find contract hire deals to suit most budgets.

When it’s a business lease

Of course, you can buy rather than lease but if it’s a new vehicle the depreciation is huge in the first 12 months of motoring especially if you are running a lot of miles each year. With this in mind, buying a used car is often better for most SME businesses.

great deals for car leasing


Whilst you consider leasing a car, many factors are to be taken into account and made aware of. Car leasing and hire agreements within a contract have a set mile restriction involved. Should you go over this restriction then you will be responsible for paying a fine when your contract ends.

You are allowed to choose a maintenance pack to add to your lease deal which will cover repairs and any additional service, you must hand the car over in the same condition it was given in, excluding wear & tear. It’s important to take care of your car lease because you will become responsible for any type of damage.

So overall, this car leasing comparison is a non-hassle process in which you are able to drive away with a new car for a fraction of the original price.


Because of all benefits to contract hire, personal leasing is significantly rising in popularity. But, what exactly are these benefits, as opposed to purchasing outright?

One benefit is that you will not need to worry about selling a car or its devaluation. When the lease has ended, you hand your car over & select another car lease. Choosing this gives you the flexibility to let a brand new vehicle that is out of your price range.

Leasing a car secures you with an affordable monthly price. This makes it easier to work with your budget. Your car tax is included with most lease arrangements which are something less to be concerned with. A tax deduction is something you claim lease payments with if you own a business. Driving can be less stressful when service and repairs are covered for you if you opt for a maintenance package.

If you choose to buy a car rather than lease you’ll need to access a  free vehicle history check with a company like CarVeto or hpi check. The first offers a free, basic check and a paid platinum service for £12.50.